Solid State Disk (SSD) Recovery

CBIT Data Recovery have recovered data for thousands of clients nationwide, with the ability to recover from virtually any digital device that can store data.  From the individual or family after those precious photos, to the enterprise/government agency whose production environment has gone down, and everyone in between, we can help you! The best chance for recovery is the first chance, so it is important to stop using your device and power it off to prevent any further issues from arising. 

We can recover data from virtually any internal or external SSD. The common SSD types we see are:

  • 2.5” (SATA, SAS)
  • USB (Type-A & Type-C)
  • M.2 (SATA B Key, NVMe M Key, NVMe B+M key)
  • Apple SATA & PCIe protocol SSDs 

Whatever the issue may be, our team of specialists have seen it all. The main SSD issues we see daily include:

  • File System Corruption (Failure to Mount, Not Initialised)
  • Electronics Failure with the Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Bad Sectors (Read Errors, Slow or Drives that Freeze)
  • Natural Disaster (Fire and/or Flood Damage) 

Common brands we work with daily

The most important step is to STOP using your SSD, power it off immediately to prevent any further damage to the device. In almost every case where the SSD is no longer being used following a data loss incident, the data can typically be recovered.

What are the next steps?

Contact us on 1300 553 324 for a free consultation or begin a new case below.

We diagnose your device. An estimate for recovery will then be provided to you, including a summary of the diagnosis.

The data recovery effort begins, with comprehensive updates along the way.

We provide you with the results of your recovery which can either be collected or shipped as required, following successful payment.

How much will this cost me?

1-2 Business days (non-urgent)


inc. GST

Non-urgent recovery can range from $350 – $1500, subject to the outcome of the diagnosis.

2-4 Hours (urgent)


inc. GST

Urgent Recovery can range from $800 – $5000, subject to the outcome of the diagnosis.

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